Winchester Value Pack 20 Ga. 2 3/4" 3/4 oz. #7 Steel Shot WE20GTVP7

Manufacturer: Winchester
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SKU: 10039-WE20GTVP7
Manufacturer part number: WE20GTVP7
Winchester X-pert Upland and Target Steel shotshells combine a proprietary corrosion resistant steel shot manufacturing process with superior Winchester components to create a true break through in high performance. Up to 1400 fps velocity. Consistent patterns. Thicker wad for improved barrel protection. Designed for Upland Game and Target Shooting specifically. Gauge: 20 Type: Steel Length: 2 3/4" Ounces: 3/4 oz Shot Size: 7 Muzzle Velocity: 1325 fps Rounds/box: 100 Rounds Per Box, 2 Boxes Per Case Drams: N/A
Product Specifications
Shell Length 2 3/4
Shot Type/Size 7
Shot Material Steel
Shot Ounces 3/4
Shot Grains _
Pellet Count _
Muzzle Velocity 1325
Sold By Units
Rounds Per Box 100
Boxes Per Case 2